Disc Communications Ltd (Discom) is a leading telecommunication Company that is in the forefront of revolutionising telecommunication industry in Nigeria with her years of experience in telecommunication. We deliver quality telecom services via land lines, optimizing the advantage of the larger bandwidth that cable has over it's wireless counterpart.

You can now make your calls at the cheapest rate ever. With Discom e-phone service, you can make and receive your calls from your computer system when connected to the Internet using a Soft-Phone and VOIP technology.

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Unlimited Internet access is the Discom crystal package for 24hrs Dial-Up Internet services without extra telephone charges, through the period of validity. The Unlimited Internet Services inlucde the following brand:
Brand Service Notes.
buttonSpice Pack:
This include 1-month Internet Service Subscription @ N12,000.
buttonSilver Pack:
This include 3-months Internet Service Subscription @ N28,000
buttonGold Pack:
This include 6-months Internet Service Subscription l N40,000.
buttonUltimate Pack:
This include 12-months Internet Service Subscription N70,000
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For other enquires please call:
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345 3066
717 1002-3
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